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DigitalLabs@mmu is a collaborative partnership bringing together academic and business expertise to deliver exciting new digital projects. DigitalLabs@mmu combines the traditional university aims of experimentation, knowledge sharing and discovery with a commitment to deliver business solutions that have an immediate impact. Based in the School of Computing, Mathematics, and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan, DigitalLabs@mmu can draw on expertise and services of one of the largest Universities in the UK.

Services we offer

Mobile Development

DigitalLabs@mmu lead the way in the development of mobile applications. We have a team of highly experienced and highly skilled app developers and designers to turn your idea into a reality.

At DigitalLabs@mmu we constantly push forward in new areas of iOS development ensuring that our customers receive the latest technologies and fresh ideas so that you can be the first-of-a-kind app on the market. With our roots in application development, we know how fast the market is moving.

We implement many features within the apps we create to ensure that you have a system to be able to:


Thinking of expanding?
No problem. We make sure that our apps follow a modular approach and use cloud based services.

Website Development

With extensive knowledge of the web, DigitalLabs@mmu strives to find the best web based solution for you and your business. We enable you to make changes to your website when you feel it is necessary – no more waiting.

We design your website to focus on what you think is important for your business - we don't want your users getting confused.

We always use the latest technologies within our web development to ensure that the user experience for the website is easy and fluid - we care what your user thinks when they are on your website.

Modern Design

By taking pride in our work, we ensure that our designers follow our standards, and are up-to-date with the current market for your app. This ensures that the design is modern and extremely easy to use.

Training Courses

We offer a number of expert training courses to help you and your employees understand the latest technologies use in software development today, we focus our attention on delivering high quality training courses in areas we think are important.

An incredibly informative and practical course.

James Ruston

  • Git training

  • iOS development

Usability Testing

The Usability Laboratory is a unique facility, designed to capture and analyse human behaviour as we interact with a host of technological devices including computers, mobile devices and video game consoles.

The benefits of this type of analysis include an enhanced user experience, streamlined design and development process and improvements in efficiency and profitability.

The Laboratory is perfectly placed to support the design, development and assessment of wide range software and hardware and can support:

The Lab

There is a PC in the Laboratory which can be used to capture eye movement and the space can also be used to capture interactions with games consoles such as Wii, Playstation and Xbox 360.

Meet the Team!

Dr. Atif Waraich


Head of Enterprise

Atif is Head of Enterprise in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology. He founded and is Director of, the Manchester Usability Lab at MMU and has worked with a range of commercial and academic partners on usability engineering and interaction design.

Atif is responsible for developing enterprise activity and fostering relationships with commercial partners.

Dr. Darren Dancey



Dr Darren Dancey has worked as a Computer Science lecturer for over 8 years. He has a Research background in Artificial Intelligence with a PhD in Artificial Neural Networks. His teaching interests centre on Software Development and he has recently taught courses in Data Structures and Algorithms and also applied courses such as Website Development and Mobile Application Development. In recent years he has focused on creating collaborations and knowledge sharing between universities and industry particular the SME sector.

Dr. Kevin Tan


Computer Games Expert

Dr Kevin Tan is an experienced and enthusiastic software developer specialising in various application development (2D and 3D) from modelling to programming behind the storyboard. Kevin has practical knowledge in cognitive psychology as applied to software design involving human computer interactions (HCI), he also has extensive experience in Public Engagement activities and Project and Exhibition management, augmented with good commercial awareness as a director in an educational software spin-out company. Significant knowledge and experience in rolling out end product software that is tailor to client's requirements.

Nick Whittaker


Senior Lecturer

Nick Whittaker is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at MMU. He works extensively in Mobile Computing and Internet Application Development, specialising in mobile applications and interacting with sensors in the environment. He is a leading figure for Enterprise Development in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology, and has led several Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) schemes, working with commercial organisations in the North West.

Projects have included Home and Building Intelligent Management Systems, linked to sensors and devices around buildings. Nick has worked on Public Engagement projects, linked to art installations based in London and Birmingham, joining sensors with LED curtain technologies.

Chris Wilson



Chris is a multi-disciplined developer with many years of commercial development experience currently focused on mobile app and game development. Developer of Super Turbo Action Pig with @michaelheald and Sketchshare a collaborative art tool (UK iPad app of the week) with @creativewax.

Prior to mobile app development he developed educational activities and systems for educational publishers. Chris blogs about game development and helps out on the cocos2d forums.

Irina Macovei



Irina's background in Economic IT provides her with the skills to analyse, design and implement information systems within an organisation.

Irina is studying MSc Information Systems which gives her a sophisticated grasp on both the theoretical and applied aspects of programming. Her real passion comes from applying that knowledge to building computer applications and web services that solve real world problems.

Emil Málik



Emil graduated in Software Technologies and Management from the Czech Technical University in Prague and is currently studying for an MSc in Computing at MMU.

Emil has worked on a range of projects including register allocation and optimisation in compilers. An experienced Java developer he is comfortable learning new languages and technologies and particularly enjoys development with sensors and interactive hardware.

Emma Smith



Emma graduated from MMU with a First Class Honours in BSc Computing and then continued her studies by achieving a distinction in MSc Advanced Computing. This highlights her passion for software development and her keen interest to expand her knowledge.

The projects Emma has undertaken involve areas including Natural Language Interfaces to Databases and Conversational Agents.

Previous Team Members

Oliver Atkinson



Oliver graduated with a First Class Honours in Software Engineering, this really shows the passion that he has for the development of software. Oliver strives on quality and ensures that every project encompasses a strong set of standards.

Oliver has worked on several high profile projects including the development of the software for a light installation in collaboration with British Telecom. This installation was based in the centre of London for a month and was then auctioned off in aid of the 25th anniversary of Child Line.

Rowan Townshend



Rowan has a 2:1 in Computer Games Technology and has a great enthusiasm for iOS development. He is a self published developer and already has several self made applications on the app store, and is always looking for ways to expand his knowledge and experience. He thoroughly enjoys doing what he does and this shows through in all his work.

Rowan was responsible for developing software applications.

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